Not your mama

When I heard the song ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’ by J-LO I was left thinking…Oh snap! That is so true, I am so feeling this lady right now. Although I believe that being a housewife in a developed country is much easier than hacking it in a developing one, housewives go through the same shit of constantly working and being under appreciated. Its even worse where kids are involved. Times are changing but unfortunately the societal structures that frame the family life and the mindset of individuals remains the same. That is why it will always be the duty of the woman to take care of the home and the man to enjoy the perks.

My vision is that one day, with all these technological advancements and brilliant (Chinese) minds we have out here, we will live in a world where we have robots that can do all household chores including cooking, just to level the playing field between men and women. Yes, cooking is an art and some people love it, kudos to them, as for me I hope for the day when the only time I have to get in contact with water is when taking a bath. I guess that could mean my ass is lazy…huh!…but I still ain’t your mama!




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