Going through Instagram is a really fun and interesting pass time. The mixture of hate, love, jealousy, judgment, and self-pity is pretty much the highlight of my day. It is like having a window into people’s lives. You get to watch them and keep up with them and those they tag from the comfort of your warm sofa. Social media has made me quite the multitasker.

I will not lie, I judge others quite harshly on Instagram but only because I subject myself to the same. Here is the process I go through before posting a photo. First I have to take the 100 photos of course, go through them and choose the best 50. Then ask a friend for their opinion to reduce the number to 25 photos. Now I know I’m fucked if I have to make this decision alone because I always get to those ten best photos that look similar but somehow different…you know! You scroll between them debating on which one looks better. And when people look at you they think you’re anti-social because you’re always on your phone little do they know you’re busy fighting with yourself about what photo looks best and deserves to grace your social media walls for the day. I seriously wish I was busy checking my emails or updating my LinkedIn page.

Kudos n’ eff those photogenic people who always take awesome first photos. You take a selfie with them and it seems like you were almost having a seizure.  So you subject them to your normal process of taking 100 photos until you look good. Anyway I then eventually get that photo that even I agree is worthy to share with the world. I post it because I love it, this is for me and it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Or so I think until I get that IG notification letting me I have one like. Finally! Validation!! And so I wait to see how good my photo does, by that I mean how many likes I get, because it is all about my photo and has nothing to do with me as an individual obviously. When it doesn’t perform so well and I instantly know I should have posted the other one.

I do have those good days when I take a few, twenty, snaps n’ they all turn out great. Because I’m not a narcissist I know I can’t possibly post all of them so I save the rest for a future #WCW, #TBT, or #FBF and even WhatsApp profiles.  For some reason my phone is very slow and I swear I do not have any unnecessary apps and I have deleted like every game…it does not matter anyway social media is all the fun I need.

Self criticism is self growth. I think it’s very healthy it’s better to do it to yourself than be a victim of it from others right! “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it” Charlie Chaplin. When it comes to social media I go with him on it. Whether you are the #Selfie taker, #GlobeTrotter, #Foodie, #Snapper, it is all about sharing and cherishing those moments.

by Khabuqwi


Millennials: Generation Y, ME


So my internet escapades led me to the topic of millenials, also referred to as Generation Y. As I was reading about what makes millennials tick I laughed so hard before the hysterical crying started. There is seriously no in between, we are either fucked (up) or brilliant. It is sad to realise that you’re the former.

According to Neil Howe and William Strauss, the brilliant minds that came up with the idea of millennials, proposed that among our traits are the strong sense of community but Jean Twenge, questioned it, and stated that we are tolerant and confident, but also narcissist and entitled. I guess the viral videos, constant selfies, and ‘youtubers’ prove her right. We constantly pursue fulfillment from vanity or egotistically admire our own attributes. Or is it because of social media that it is so. I mean the internet has provided a platform for both scrutiny and self-love. We no longer seek validation from only family and friends, but from the world.

The fact that the Narcissus story is what the world chose to define our generation is laughable.

Narcissus by Caravaggio

Then we go on to be termed as classical liberals. We are the reason political correctness is an essential factor in conversations, we are the reason parenthood today is considered a partnership and not a woman’s employment opportunity. We are also the reason it is normal to share your entire life on social media, and actually value the opinion and input of strangers. We are the most educated generation, but some of the choices we make are just questionable. I guess it is why the world has labeled us as an entitled lazy bunch. Mmmmhhh!

The internet has provided a platform of endless possibilities and opportunities, ideas and views, which is why we should be the ones to decide how we want the world to see us. Beyond the criticism, we millennials have brought change to the world both technologically and socially because as a global people we feel the need to make the world better.

By Khabuqwi


Obvious is something clear, easily perceived, apparent, or self-evident. Our modern dictionary provides us with a more derogatory meaning of obvious as something predictable and lacking in subtlety.

I love the internet and everyday I come across success in every aspect. At times it gets so annoying because I am here feeling like I took the wrong bus somewhere between adolescent camp and adulthood. If only there was an obvious answer as to where I went wrong and how I could turn things around. Then again, I wish we were all born with an obvious art/gift/passion just branded on our foreheads, you know!

Maybe sometimes it’s good to be the person with parents who have your entire future already mapped out once you’re born. They put you on the right ‘bus’ at the right moment, time and place. On the other hand, we have those individuals who are so resilient and they bounce back from any situation because they knew from the start what they wanted to do/be. No matter what ‘bus’ they are put in, no matter how far off their destination they go, they find their way back. These are the people I term as lucky.

Unfortunately for me, I’m none of the above. I am the type of person who needs proper and clear, meaning obvious directions in life. It may sound so pathetic, but when you find yourself in a situation where every move you make is wrong and takes you nowhere you start to lose hope. I just need some ‘obvious’ right now. I just wish God would be like, “dude, stop! What are you doing? SMH! This is what you’re meant to do/be, you’re welcome!” (Rolls eyes and leaves), because he is also tired of watching this train wreck.

Obvious…if only everything in life was

Daily Prompt: Obvious


Sponsor manenos (things) is the looming trend for most young ladies today. we can decide to ignore the issue, but it is and will probably continue to happen for decades to come. Today’s generation want the best of what the world has to offer without putting in the work. We are willing to swim in the deep-end side of the pool without learning how even to float. The majority of young people do yearn for the lavish lifestyle, and social media is a platform that shows us just how this life has no limit in how stylish and lavish it can get.

Some young ladies are all about being the independent woman and others are like ‘eff that shit, so they choose to be all about the sponsorship. They choose that ship and they think they have this shit figured out, because I mean, there is no shortage of older men more than willing to spend their money on beautiful young women; splashing them with expensive gifts, homes, cars and vacations/staycations for the pleasure of their company or in exchange for sexual favors. So imagine this…in order to get a lavish lifestyle and hold on to it, you either have to put in those office hours or simply get it through association. You’re young, pretty, full of energy and endless dreams that seem almost impossible to fulfill why not take advantage…right!

If they are smart enough, the young woman will use their older ‘bae’ (cringe) to network their asses off and learn a few money making techniques . ‘Coz let’s be honest being rich is never about an 8-5 job. The world is a big place full of endless opportunities, which most times depend on who you know. And, it is all about being smart and choosing your hustle carefully. If some ladies opts for the sponsor-ship as a hustle over putting in those office hours, then working smart is the only way to go. They therefore should not end up wasting their youth on these ‘willing to be sponsors’ older men and come out with nothing but a stained reputation.

If you go for it, go in smart…Just my two-cents