Sponsor manenos is the looming trend for most young ladies today. We can decide to ignore the issue, but it is and will probably continue to be the norm for decades to come. Today’s generation want the best of what the world has to offer without putting in the work. We are willing to swim in the deep-end side of the pool without learning how even to float. The majority of young people do yearn for the lavish lifestyle, and social media is a platform that shows us just how this life has no limit in how stylish and lavish it can get.

Some young ladies are all about being ‘the independent woman’ while others are like ‘eff that shit. They choose to be all about the sponsorship. They choose this ship and they think they have shit figured out, because I mean, there is no shortage of older men more than willing to spend their money on beautiful young women; splashing them with expensive gifts, homes, cars and vacations/staycations for the pleasure of their company or in exchange for sexual favors. So imagine this…in order to get a lavish lifestyle and hold on to it, you either have to put in those office hours or simply get it through association. You’re young, pretty, full of energy and endless dreams that seem almost impossible to fulfill why not take advantage…right!

If they are smart enough, the young woman will use their older ‘bae’ to network their asses off and learn a few money making techniques . ‘Coz let’s be honest being rich is never about an 8-5 job. The world is a big place full of endless opportunities, which most times depend on who you know. And, it is all about being smart and choosing your hustle carefully. If some ladies opts for the sponsor-ship as a hustle over putting in those office hours, then working smart is the only way to go. They therefore should not end up wasting their youth on these ‘willing to be sponsors’ older men and come out with nothing but a stained reputation.

If you go for it, go in smart…Just my two-cents





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