Millennials: Generation Y, ME


So my internet escapades led me to the topic of millenials, also referred to as Generation Y. As I was reading about what makes millennials tick I laughed so hard before the hysterical crying started. There is seriously no in between, we are either fucked (up) or brilliant. It is sad to realise that you’re the former.

According to Neil Howe and William Strauss, the brilliant minds that came up with the idea of millennials, proposed that among our traits are the strong sense of community but Jean Twenge, questioned it, and stated that we are tolerant and confident, but also narcissist and entitled. I guess the viral videos, constant selfies, and ‘youtubers’ prove her right. We constantly pursue fulfillment from vanity or egotistically admire our own attributes. Or is it because of social media that it is so. I mean the internet has provided a platform for both scrutiny and self-love. We no longer seek validation from only family and friends, but from the world.

The fact that the Narcissus story is what the world chose to define our generation is laughable.

Narcissus by Caravaggio

Then we go on to be termed as classical liberals. We are the reason political correctness is an essential factor in conversations, we are the reason parenthood today is considered a partnership and not a woman’s employment opportunity. We are also the reason it is normal to share your entire life on social media, and actually value the opinion and input of strangers. We are the most educated generation, but some of the choices we make are simply questionable. I guess it is why the world has labeled us as an entitled lazy bunch. Mmmmhhh!

The internet has provided a platform of endless possibilities and opportunities, ideas and views, which is why we should be the ones to decide how we want the world to see us. Beyond the criticism, we millennials have brought change to the world both technologically and socially because as a global people we feel the need to make the world better.

By Khabuqwi


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