Obvious is something clear, easily perceived, apparent, or self-evident. Our modern dictionary provides us with a more derogatory meaning of obvious as something predictable and lacking in subtlety.

I love the internet and everyday I come across success in every aspect. At times it gets so annoying because here I am feeling like I took the wrong bus somewhere between adolescent camp and adulthood. If only there was an obvious answer as to where I went wrong and how I could turn things around. Then again, I wish we were all born with an obvious art/gift/passion just branded on our foreheads, you know!

Maybe sometimes it’s good to be the person with parents who have your entire future already mapped out once you’re born. They put you on the right ‘bus’ at the right moment, time and place. On the other hand, we have those individuals who are so resilient and they bounce back from any situation because they knew from the start what they wanted to do/be. No matter what ‘bus’ they are put in, no matter how far off their destination they go, they find their way back.

Unfortunately for me, I’m none of the above. I am the type of person who needs proper and clear, meaning obvious directions in life. It may sound so pathetic, but when you find yourself in a situation where every move you make is wrong and takes you nowhere you start to lose hope. I just need some ‘obvious’ right now. I just wish God would be like, “dude, stop! What are you doing? Ok, this is what you’re meant to do/be, you’re welcome!” because he is also tired of watching the train wreck that is my life.

Obvious…if only life was

Daily Prompt: Obvious


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