Going through Instagram is my most looked-forward pass time. The mixture of hate, love, jealousy, judgment, and self-pity is pretty much the highlight of my day. It’s like having a window into people’s lives; you get to watch them and keep up with them from the comfort of your warm sofa. Social media has made me quite the multitasker!

I won’t lie, I judge others quite harshly on Instagram but only because I subject myself to the same. Here is the process I go through before posting a photo.

  1. Take 50+ photos
  2. Choose the best 5 or less, maybe ask a friend to help with the choice. Now I know I’m fucked if I have to make this decision alone because I always get to those ten best photos that look similar but somehow different.
  3. Scroll between them debating on which one looks better.
  4. Finally select the photo that deserves to grace your social media walls for the day.
  5. Decide on whether you want it filtered, cropped, or just that way

All the while looking so busy on your phone people might think you’re actually doing something constructive (which might be up for debate). I finally get that photo that I agree is worth sharing with the world. I post it because I love it, this is for me and it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Right?… I think so, until I get that IG notification of a like. Finally! Validation!! And so I wait to see how good it does by how many likes it gets, because it is all about my photo and has nothing to do with me as an individual obviously. I do have those good days when I take a few, twenty, snaps n’ they all turn out great. Because I’m not a narcissist I know I can’t possibly post all of them so I save the rest for a future #WCW, #TBT, #FBF or even WhatsApp profiles.

Self criticism is self growth. I think it’s very healthy. It’s better to do it to yourself than be subjected to it by others. “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it” Charlie Chaplin. When it comes to social media I go with him on it. Whether you are the #Selfie taker, #GlobeTrotter, #Foodie, #Snapper, it is all about sharing and cherishing those moments.

by Khabuqwi


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