What a Messy Affair!

Being a mother is all about instincts, patience, and unconditional love is what I’m finding out as I continue to wing it really. There is truly no handbook that can prepare you for the mess that you’ll experience. BabyCenter cuts close but it still does not offer the low down on how it takes body, … Continue reading What a Messy Affair!


The Delivery

What a day 24th of January was for me and my loved ones. No one ever prepares you for what you’ll encounter on your delivery day and no one ever will, so I’ll just tell you my story. It was a stormy and windy night, the shadows seemed to be closing in…but in all seriousness … Continue reading The Delivery

Getting Pregnant in Your Late Twenties

There is nothing as daunting as trying to get pregnant for the first time in your late twenties. The mental and psychological torture that continues into your pregnancy is inescapable. You’re old enough, mature, you know what you want, you’re ready, but then just because you’re ready doesn’t mean it works out. The ideal scenario … Continue reading Getting Pregnant in Your Late Twenties